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ImageQuix/PhotoLynx announces MVP schedule

ImageQuix/PhotoLynx announced the schedule of its annual MVP User Group will be held in Houston, TX, from June 8-9, in conjunction with the SPOA International Conference on School Photography and Yearbooks. MVP event tickets are $99 or with a combined MVP and SPOA ticket for $424, a savings of $50.

This year’s keynote speaker, Freddy Villarreal, Pastor at Freedom Life Church, will be headlining with his talk, “Cultivating and Maintaining a Thriving Corporate Culture, which will cover topics like how to measure the health of your company’s culture, ways to continuously improve your culture, and how to keep the “A” players on your team engaged and happy.

With the company’s motto in mind – “Understand, Expand, Explode” – the focus of our user group is to provide studios the analytics and resources they need to understand trends, expand their opportunities, and explode the growth of their business, the company said. Educational session topics include best use cases for all of ImageQuix/PhotoLynx products, as well as how products can be used within different workflows for each of the photography types (underclass, seniors, sports, etc.). The event will also be offering mini-workshops and “Ask the Experts” sessions.

“MVP has always been a place to exchange ideas and grow your business," says Tim McCain, CRO of PhotoLynx and ImageQuix "Whether you have one school or one thousand schools, there is something for you to learn at MVP. I am excited this year to have such a powerful speaker lineup, as well as product workshops. It should be the best one yet,.

For more information about the user group, as well as to purchase your tickets, visit our website at

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