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Tim McCain reflects on industry innovation

Tim McCain with the Chairman's Award of Innovation

Tim McCain was unprepared to be recognized as the recipient of the 2023 Chairman's Award of Innovation at the SPOA annual conference. The ImageQuix/PhotoLynx executive said the impact was still felt hours later.

"It was huge," he said. "Later that night, when I sat back, I thought there were so many other people that deserved it before me. I can count 15-20 guys in my head right now who deserve it. And for me to get it so early in SPOA's existence was amazing."

The award announcement came as a surprise to McCain.

"I was shocked at how emotionally I got," he said. "I got teary-eyed. To be recognized like that just blew me away and, at that moment, I was speechless. I literally couldn't couldn't fathom it. When I was walking up (the podium), it felt surreal. It was very intense."

McCain recognizes the award doesn't honor just him but also the many co-workers, partners, and innovators who came before.

"There are definitely others who are more innovative," said McCain. "I am more of a collaborator. In my speech, I recognized Tawnya, Christian, and all the other people who were on my team throughout the years.

"For me, innovation comes from waking up every morning and grinding; it's recognizing that opportunity when it pops up and being in the position to act. That's just being prepared."

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