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Executive Director's Letter: SPOA annual conference is vital for the future

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

With just over a week to go before the SPOA's International Conference for School Photography & Yearbooks, the event is shaping up to be the showcase event for our industry.

The entire conference is built to unite our industry and to ensure every person in attendance knows the vital impact school pictures make on schools, children, and families across the world. No matter your role in the industry - a yearbook company, a school photographer, a lab, a marketing firm, a cybersecurity company, a camera manufacturer, a printer manufacturer, a background supplier, a lighting supplier, or even an insurance company, this conference lays the groundwork for your fall shooting season.

In addition to the industry's broadest array of sessions - ranging from sales training to marketing strategy - the SPOA's International Conference for School Photography & Yearbooks offers numerous networking opportunities for executives, industry suppliers, partners, department heads, and other industry members from companies across the nation.

The conference is also a celebration, where your association will recognize the achievements of the past with the launch of the Industry Hall of Fame along with the recognition of the present and the future at our formal awards banquet. Since launching SPOA in 2020, the goal has always been to showcase, advocate and advance the great tradition and business of the school photography and yearbook industry. This year's conference fulfills that promise. And this is only the beginning! Looking forward to seeing you in person in Greenville!

David Crandall

Executive Director

School Photographers of America

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