We are an organization dedicated to ensuring the health and vitality of the school photographic industry. 

"The school picture industry in America was at one time a healthy, vibrant business. As ease of access to digital cameras and cell phone cameras has increased we have seen participation rates in our industry decrease. What once was a healthy, vibrant industry is now one that is hanging on by a thread. Our industry has been devoid of leadership and a voice for many years. As the COVID-19 pandemic has closed schools and hurt our nation’s economy change is demanded. The School Photographers of America is the change our industry needs. I believe a non-profit entity vigilantly fighting to protect our work and proactively pursue legislation that enables our industry to return to its healthy, vibrant past is a solution the entire industry can rally around. The School Photographers of America is needed, and it is needed now."

- Mike Strawbridge - Strawbridge



Our mission is to advocate on behalf of our members and protect their copyrights, as well as establish and govern healthy standards and best practices for the school photography industry.



Our vision is that school photography remains a rich tradition in schools across the United States of America.