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Member Benefits

How do you know if SPOA membership is right for you or your business? Explore some of the perks of membership highlighted below! SPOA endeavors to be the foremost resource to school photographers strengthening and growing their business. We want our member companies to have every advantage possible.

Instant benefits through our partnerships:

B&H Photo Video - B2B

SPOA's partner, camera and gear supplier B&H Photo Video, offers special discounts and streamlined purchasing plans to both small businesses and corporate companies through their B2B arm.

Set up your account today here!


Dale Carnegie

SPOA members have access to an exclusive portal for the Dale Carnegie University Training Platform which allows all members and their employees to gain world-class performance training for a fraction of the retail costs — starting at around 20% of Dale Carnegie's standard prices, in fact, keeping prices in the hundreds rather than the thousands. If interested, contact:

Tim Gilbreath

President of Dale Carnegie South Carolina



Util Auditors

Save huge money on ACH, shipping, utilities and more through letting Util Auditors analyze your business' expenses and find better options! There is no out-of-pocket cost to you — Util Auditors only makes money when they save you money. To get started, contact:


Barry Robinson

Vice President of Business Development, Util Auditors



Members can now receive the SPOA discount with Checkr that has background checks as low as $8.00 because of our shared volume. The more that participate, the better rates we will have next year. Members can contact the following if interested:


Brian Marshall-Riley

Account Executive, Checkr

(339) 222-2009



Through SPOA's partnership with Sandler Custom Growth Solutions, members can receive huge discounts on Sandler-certified sales and leadership courses, offered both virtually and in-person. For more details and to register for a course, contact:

Mike Crandall

President of Sandler Custom Growth Solutions



Want to become a member?

SPOA offers a number of resources on the member pages of this website, including sample HR documents, social media designs, and training videos on topics such as "Bids & RFPs" and "Interviewing - Best Practices." These member pages also include Sales & Service Resources where members can find, among other useful documents, SPOA & Fotomerchant's joint Industry Report.

Online Resources

Through its advocacy efforts, SPOA represents the industry before policymakers on issues vital to the well-being of the school photography and yearbook industry, such as copyright protection.

Industry Advocacy

Members receive serious discounts on some of SPOA's events, such as tickets to our annual International Conference on School Photography & Yearbooks and entries in our annual SPOA Photographic Competition.

Discounts on Events

Whether your company is looking to enter the school photography field or has been there a while but is looking to scale up, you probably have a lot of questions. What kind of equipment is useful for school portraits? What possible legal issues are involved in dealing with schools and districts? How do you choose the lab and production software that works best for you? 

The boot camp is open (and FREE) to members who have registered for SPOA's annual conference.

Volume Photography Boot Camp

Looking to fill an opening in your company? Members can fill in the "Post a Job" form in the member pages and their job ad will appear on SPOA's publicly-accessible Job Board.

Advertise Job Openings

All member companies have a voice in our association's leadership and direction. Any person who is part of a member company is welcome to run as a candidate for an open board position. Elections are held in-person at SPOA's annual International Conference on School Photography & Yearbooks, where each member company can cast one vote per open board seat. Read SPOA's full bylaws, including board roles, terms, and election process here.

A Vote in Board Elections

Other Benefits:

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