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ImageQuix & PhotoLynx are ready to help with customer marketing

ImageQuix & PhotoLynx offers Premium Members a dedicated Client Success Team that works with your studio to assist and advise on best practices in marketing to your customers. They will use their knowledge and industry-backed data to brainstorm, to create, and to execute the perfect marketing plan that best suits your studio’s needs.

Best part? Even during the busy holiday season, the Client Success Team is here to help your studio find ways to continuously entice your customers, leaving you one less thing to worry about.

Recently, they put together their top-three can’t-miss marketing campaigns that every studio should consider implementing into their marketing plan this holiday season. In their blog, they discuss different ways to maximize your revenue around the holidays through delivery deadlines, seasonal product offerings, and general promotional campaigns.

Here's what one studio partners had to say:

“Last year, our studios began emphasizing tiered promotions with minimum order thresholds starting with Black Friday which experienced a year-over-year revenue growth of 948%! Even with recognizing a 1/3 drop in total subjects photographed last year, we were not only able to maintain our historical AOV, but, realize an average increase of 91% per order.” - Alex Bristol, Director of Marketing at Now & Forever Studios

Check out their “Top 3 Can’t Miss Marketing Campaigns for the Holiday Season” blog today and learn how your studio can optimize your seasonal marketing plan and grow your business with ImageQuix & PhotoLynx!

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