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Pixami announces new features for next season

Pixami has announced new software features for the next yearbook season. Most of the new features and improvements to Pixami yearbook software are the direct result of customer requests and conversations, the company said. As a result, this current season was the first major focus on High School features and content, while next season Yearbook Pro and YB Essentials will also get a big update. Also, all Pixami products will have groundbreaking new functionality that opens new doors for our customers.

Face Matching in All Pixami Yearbook Products

Both Yearbook Pro and YB Essentials will have built-in face-matching technology next season! This technology maps the facial features of student portraits, allowing all students to be recognized and automatically named in candids! This will time-saving feature will enable other great features like accurate, detailed student coverage reports, improving the value of the yearbook for everyone and giving Pixami customers a unique technological advantage!

Yearbook Calendar and Marketing 101 Program

Yearbook Pro will have an advanced scheduling feature allowing users to manage important yearbook deadlines and other school dates right inside the software. This feature will include a Yearbook Marketing 101 guide with everything needed to develop a custom, comprehensive yearbook sales and marketing plan and manage it inside Yearbook Pro.

Other enhancements

New Content - Pixami is working on a new set of professionally designed themes for Elementary, Middle, and High School for next season, plus a whole new collection of Google fonts.

New Look - Yearbook Pro will get a facelift next year, with a fresh look with a new full-featured dashboard page.

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