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School Photographers of America announces leadership change

The Governing Board and officers of the School Photographers of America (SPOA) announce the resignation of the executive director, David Crandall. The separation is amicable and the association will continue its programs and services without interruption.

The association leadership has immediately begun the executive search process for a successor.

Crandall played a key role as one of the 10 founders of the School Photographers of America in 2020, when the industry was disrupted as the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic closed schools. Early efforts centered around raising awareness of school photography as an essential service, encompassing school IDs, safety cards, directories, and more. Later the association built relationships with software vendors, labs, yearbook companies, camera companies, and more.

"We are grateful for all that David did to help found and grow our organization.” said Cindy Gallien, the CEO of Photo Texas; a founder of SPOA; and the Chair of the Governing Board. “We now are looking forward to having another executive director who is passionate about our industry. I want to thank David for his commitment and dedication."

Crandall has accepted an executive role within the industry that better serves his family. Crandall is committed to ensuring a smooth transition to keep the association's initiatives and operations moving forward. His founder’s seat will become an at-large board seat, as specified in the SPOA by-laws.

"I will forever be grateful for the support that I have received and the relationships that I have developed while working for SPOA,” said Crandall. “I look forward to seeing SPOA continue to grow and propel the profession towards the future and to continue this great tradition our country has established.”

SPOA activities, initiatives, and programs, including the 2024 International Conference on School Photography and Yearbooks, July 8-12, 2024, in Las Vegas, NV, will continue as scheduled.

About SPOA

School Photographers of America (SPOA) serves as the national trade association for school photography and yearbooks. The association, led by a volunteer board of industry leaders, has been growing rapidly in membership and advocacy activities. In addition, the association started The American Foundation of School Pictures and Yearbooks to serve displaced and students in need, and grants for school pictures and yearbooks.

Founded in 2020, School Photographers of America is the most recent in a series of school portrait trade associations. The American Association of School Photographers Inc. (AASP) was incorporated on May 26, 1953, after three years of conducting unofficial business with the purpose of developing respect for the profession, affecting efficient operational processes, developing marketing strategies, regulating cooperation and exchange of ideas, and “encouraging members to exhibit ideals and qualities of leadership commensurate with the great responsibility which the profession owes to the educators, youth and parents of America.” American Association of School Photographers, Inc. amended the Charter of Incorporation to become Professional School Photographers of America, Inc. on April 27, 1977. PSPA transferred its ownership to Photo Marketing Association in 1984 and was later called Professional School Photographers Association International. In 2014, this association dissolved. Today, SPOA has taken the torch and continues the mission to preserve, protect, promote, educate, and advocate for the school photography and yearbook industry.

To learn more about SPOA, go to

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