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Sony custom gridline license now available

The awaited custom gridline license from SPOA's strategic partner Sony is now available in the United States and Canada for select select Sony Alpha mirrorless full frame cameras, including the A1, A7S III, A7 IV, and A9 III. The $149 upgrade is aimed toward volume photographers to streamline capture and post-processing.

In developing this feature, Sony listened to feedback from volume school photographers like our members.

"The gridline simplicity and how it's flexible and how we can turn it on and off and how we can change it — it allows us to focus on one camera system, which is easier to train, simpler for them to use," Frank Lombardo of Inter-State Studio said in a video with Sony. "It allows you to trust that the auto-focus is going to be there and that you can just focus on that student who's in front of you."

Users can load up to four custom gridlines as PNG files and replace them as needed.

"You can make the gridlines visible in the electronic viewfinder, the LCD or on an external monitor via HDMI® output," Sony Alpha's announcement says. "No need for LCD overlays to get that perfect image."

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