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SPOA Partners with Tim Tebow Foundation, welcomes Tebow as conference keynote speaker

We are excited to announce we are formally teaming up with the Tim Tebow Foundation for the 24-25 academic year.  Since its inception, the Tim Tebow Foundation has been helping those viewed as less than, insignificant or cursed, who have been thrown away, abandoned, trafficked, or orphaned, or are in need of life-changing medical intervention in 90+ countries and counting. 

TTF strives to reach the Most Vulnerable People through its four ministry areas, including Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation, Special Needs, Profound Medical Needs, and Orphan Care and Prevention. Through every initiative, every official ministry partnership, every project, and every action, TTF works toward their mission of bringing Faith, Hope and Love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need.

In addition to this partnership, we are so excited to announce that Tim will be joining us at the International Conference on School Photography & Yearbooks as our keynote speaker and will share a little more about how this partnership will make a difference as well as being inspired and challenged as our keynote speaker.


“Our industry has some amazing companies that serve their communities in several ways.  However, after working with Tim on another project, I saw the opportunity to have all companies unite for the greater good and not just make an impact in their own communities, but across the globe.  Having an international support program with the TTF simply was a no brainer.  Tim’s passion for kids and the most vulnerable is something everyone can rally around and support.  The thought of having not just a national but international impact that does and can save children each and every day is something I wanted to be apart of and I hope all others will join”, says David Crandall former executive director of SPOA.

In the meantime, book your tickets to the conference and be ready to hear from Tim himself as one of our Keynote speakers.

Companies are encouraged to add a $1, $5, or $20 donation to the TTF on the social media and in their shopping carts starting this September!  Over the summer, SPOA will host an entire page of details, with approved copyright, logos and images to support the Tim Tebow Foundation and this partnership.  In the meantime, book your tickets to the conference and be ready to hear from Tim himself as one of our Keynote speakers.  You will not want to miss this incredible keynote address and learn how you and your company can make a lasting impact with the TTF.

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