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SPOA 2023 industry awards night highlights

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

In addition to the Hall of Fame and Photography Awards, several other awards were presented at the SPOA 2023 Awards night in Greenville. The awards included:

Yearbook Awards

National Elementary Yearbook of the Year

  • The Sanibel School - Leonard's, Yearbook Representative: Randy Clark, Yearbook Adviser: Jenifer Hall

National Middle School Yearbook of the Year

  • Jefferson Jr. High School -, Yearbook Representative: Carissa Sanders, Yearbook Adviser: Kim Rupley

National Private/Charter School Yearbook of the Year

  • St. Joseph Academy - Leonard's, Yearbook Representative: Lisa Urban, Yearbook Adviser: Brianna Hart

The President's Award of Excellence

This award goes to the SPOA member who sets their own agenda aside to help fellow photography companies. This person helps preserve the school photography industry by spending their time within SPOA and other organizations to understand the value and importance of school photography, yearbooks, and the service we provide to schools and organizations across the globe. This person embodies servant leadership.

Rising Star Awards:

This award is intended for an up-and-coming professional, age 30 or younger, who shows a passion for their work and a consistently high level of professional achievement. They have demonstrated strong leadership qualities, special creativity or ability, and evidence of a promising future in this field.

To be eligible, a nominated young person must work for a SPOA member company, but they can be anyone from a company owner to an employee in any department.

  • Pyper Bowman, Focused Image Photography

  • Hailey Cargil, Ark-La-Tex Color Lab

  • Gabe Mozsi, Visual Image Photography

The Chairman's Award of Innovation

The SPOA Chairman's Award recognizes an inventor or innovator who has revolutionized the school photography and yearbook industry. This award recognizes these pioneers, whether they are someone who lived and trailblazed a hundred years ago or someone still changing the field today.

  • Tim McCain, ImageQuix + PhotoLynx

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