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SPOA, Fotomerchant working together on school photography research

As an industry, we need to understand better and collect factual data faster on what parents and schools want today. What size prints are their favorite? What do they want in a package? Does geography play a role in how you should be the pricing? Are schools happy with the services they are offered? This type of information, communication, and education is critical to the health and vitality of our industry.

School Photographers of America (SPOA) and Fotomerchant are excited to announce a very special project. Together, we will be undertaking the largest ever survey of schools and parents to provide the most comprehensive research and insights the industry has ever seen. The School Photography Industry Report will change how school photographers and yearbook providers market to schools and parents and become the benchmark report for our industry in years to come.

Fotomerchant is the industry-leading workflow solution for volume studios and provides a better and faster way for studios to grow. Together, we have many exciting things coming your way soon and if you haven’t already, please help us welcome Fotomerchant to the SPOA family!

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