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Visual 1st Conference offers insights into the near future

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

The annual Visual 1st Conference, held each year in the San Francisco Bay area, offers great insights into the future of imaging. This year's conference, at historic Ft. Mason, has an exciting program focused on the coming impact of AI, image curation, business trends, and executive-level networking. Many volume-photography companies like GotPhoto, 36Pix, Capturelife, and more have attended.

Hans Hartman

The program co-chair is Hans Hartman of Suite 48a, who was a general session speaker at this year's annual conference. If Hartman's talk about the history of imaging and AI intrigued you, the Visual 1st conference will continue your education. Tim McCain of ImageQuix/PhotoLynx will be one of the featured Fireside Chats at the event. In the session entitled "Tim McCain: From Homelessness to Success as a Photo Entrepreneur... And Beyond", he will take the audience through his journey from being homeless as a youth to becoming a twice-acquired developer of innovative photography workflow and ecommerce software. Beyond succeeding in the business world, McCain was also ordained as a pastor at age 47, and recently founded KidsforPics, a non-profit to provide photos, yearbooks, and cameras to homeless and other students living in poverty.

For information about Visual 1st, click here.

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