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WaldoPro partners with DDLab, integrates with ROES

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

WaldoPro, a provider of photography solutions for volume photographers, announced its partnership with DDLab, one of the nation’s leading school and sports photo labs. In addition, WaldoPro has integrated its platform with Open ROES Bridge, developed by SoftWorks Systems, further enhancing its capabilities to work with ROES-compatible labs and allowing professional photographers to sell their full catalog of products, at prices they choose, on the WaldoPro platform. ROES, by SoftWorks Systems, is utilized by over 175 of the nation’s leading labs.

“We’re incredibly excited to be partnering with DDLab to bring our customers the best of DDLab’s printing capabilities and service with WaldoPro’s highly converting AI-powered mobile sales platform,” said Rodney Rice, CEO of Waldo Photos, “This collaboration will provide photographers with a comprehensive solution that streamlines workflows, saves time, and ensures customer satisfaction.”

This partnership, in conjunction with the Open ROES Bridge, will allow photographers to leverage WaldoPro’s patented mobile proof delivery combined with DDLab’s printing capabilities and service allowing photographers to sell more images in less time while providing faster delivery to their customers.

“At DDLab, we’re constantly seeking innovative ways to improve and expand the services we offer to our sports photography customers. Our partnership with WaldoPro is an incredible step forward in that journey. We are truly excited to integrate our world-class printing services with WaldoPro’s powerful AI-driven mobile sales platform and advanced capabilities.” said Mike Luter, CEO, DDLab. “This synergy offers a seamless, efficient workflow that benefits professional photographers by saving them time and helping them sell more. Moreover, it enhances the customer experience with faster, more convenient delivery.”

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