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Winners of the Fall 2023 Sony+SPOA Student Photo Contest Announced

The national trade association for school photography and yearbooks, School Photographers of America (SPOA), announced their fall 2023 Student Photo Contest Grand Champions.

Middle and high school students all over the country submitted entries for the three different categories: Sports, Student Life, and Creative. These categories tend to represent the top categories used in high school yearbooks today. With the advancement in digital technology and the popularity of smartphone cameras, students are learning at an early age the art and craft of photography.

Nikhil Krishnaswamy receiving his award

"We are seeing some incredible photographs this year. I am stunned at the level of quality and art these students are creating," says David Crandall, executive director of SPOA. "Seeing students have a passion for photography in high school is incredible for our industry and many others. Having a partner like Sony reward these students with brand new Sony camera kits is amazing and shows their vested interest and investment into education and future professional photographers."

Camila Araiza Vargas and her champion certificate

The following students were awarded national champion and received a letter of recognition along with a new Sony A7c camera kit:

  • Ethan Gallagher of Neuqua Valley High School in Illinois — Sports category

  • Camila Vargas of McKay High School in Oregon — Sports category

  • Nikhil Krishnaswamy of Cupertino High School in California — Creative category

The winners' school administrators were notified and had the opportunity to surprise the students and honor their achievements.

Our finalists were amazing, too!

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