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Lifetouch Memory Missions conclude after 20 years

Lifetouch National School Studios has concluded two decades of service with the last Lifetouch Memory Mission trip at the end of January 2024. The trip to Guatemala included 40 educators and company employees from across North America who volunteered to help build a sustainable school from plastic bottles.

Since 2000, the Lifetouch Memory Mission served children, families, and communities around the globe. The philanthropic initiative has enabled company employees and national education partners to travel worldwide to provide intensive volunteer services.

Over the 20 years, trips have included helping to rebuild a village in war-torn Kosovo, repairing homes in Appalachia, establishing a children’s center in Jamaica, and constructing a bridge in the land of the Navajo in Arizona. Memory Mission volunteers have also built schools across Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

“I’m grateful that Lifetouch had the vision and commitment to launch the Lifetouch Memory Mission and continue it for more than twenty years,” said Jan Haeg, Community Relations Manager at Lifetouch. “The Memory Mission has positively impacted thousands of lives - especially the lives of the more than 600 volunteers who have gone through life-changing experiences while helping communities in need worldwide.”

Lifetouch Memory Mission stats:

  • Nine destinations around the world

  • 6,000 days of service

  • More than 100,000 volunteer hours

  • More than 600 volunteers from 49 states and five Canadian Provinces

  • Delivery of more than 6,000 students and family portraits


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