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Recommendation for all US Schools during the 2020-2021 Academic School Year

Now, more than ever, the importance of having access to photographic services required for the safety of schools is paramount. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the school photography industry which has traditionally provided those services complimentary. Through ID and safety cards, administrative software exports, yearbook images, record prints, directories, and a variety of other safety related materials, school photography ensures each student’s safety while preserving the legacy of each school.

We have been in contact with many states, districts, and schools throughout the country. Each are offering a variety of reopening plans, many of which involve staggered class days or a combination of virtual learning with in-person instruction. The financial impact of multiple school picture days or less students in schools will challenge school photography companies like never before.

School Photographers of America is requesting all schools and educators review their current school picture services and agreements. We have already seen many school districts and schools eliminate “rebates” or “commissions” during this time to reduce the cost of pictures to their parents and community, while also helping to underwrite the cost of necessary essential services. This is vital to ensure these items remain complimentary in future years. From yard signs to banners, last spring saw the entire country’s support in celebrating students through using our images. To ensure this rich tradition continues, we all must partner together. School Photographers of America is formally asking all educators to do anything they can to help their school photographer continue to serve you. There are many ways to help which includes reducing services, reducing rebates or commission, and providing more effective communications about available school photography opportunities to the families you serve.

Our organization has joined with professional associations and experts in both the field of education and the photographic industry to ensure that our member companies not only meet but exceed all expectations and requirements for safe and touch less picture days. Please visit our website for more information and to find a school photography company to safely serve you, your students and community.

SPOA Recommendation PDF
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