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SPOA conducting school portrait survey of parents

School pictures and yearbooks are a special school tradition for parents & students alike. They are an age-old tradition that helps parents capture special moments in time of their children (and your students) throughout their school years. But this tradition has evolved. New technologies have emerged, stricter security requirements have become essential and new services are being offered by photography studios to schools across the country, including yours.

School Photographers of America is committed to driving the industry forward to meet the needs of parents and schools everywhere. Our vision is that school photography remains a rich tradition in schools across the United States of America and to do this, we as an industry need to better understand the needs and wants of both parents and schools.

We need to be able to answer questions like:

  • Do parents want more choices of digital copies of photos?

  • Do parents want to customize their own photo packages?

  • Are parents and schools happy with the services they are being offered?

It is for this reason that we are undertaking a national survey to capture information and insights from parents and schools, the data of which will be used to produce the first-ever School Photography Industry Report. This report will be used by school photography providers to better understand how their services are being used and where they can improve.

I ask you to help us achieve this goal. Please share this survey with your parents, schools, and districts. All the data is anonymous and is used to better the industry, better the experience, and better the quality of school photos for everyone.

The survey can be found here:

Thank you for your support in making the industry better and if you or your school has any questions, please contact School Photographers of America at

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