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Unlock Your Studio's Growth Potential: Read the 2023 Insights Report Now

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Data never looked so good

Last year's insights were a hit, so guess what? We're diving even deeper into the data this time around.

Following our early report launch at this year's SPOA conference, the School Photography Industry Report is back and better than ever. Brought to you as a joint initiative between Fotomerchant and SPOA, we can't wait to share the interesting insights we've discovered.

Like data-driven bees, we've been busy collecting and sorting data from more than 44,000 survey respondents nationwide. Have you ever wondered what schools and parents really think? Here's your chance to find out. Get excited. It sure is a hive of information! 🐝

We've brought our better and faster motto to the report this year, as now both yearbooks and new additional questions have been incorporated. As we continue our commitment to support this industry with robust data, we'd like to thank you for the amazing feedback we've collected. This report is only possible with your invaluable input. Keep 'em coming!

Want to get involved in next year's report or to provide feedback? Click the button below.

We're all in this together. Working in an industry fueled by the human desire to capture a fleeting moment in time, we hope this 2023 snapshot of the industry inspires your organization's growth. Take this information and start making data-informed decisions.

Because without data, you're only guessing.

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