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A Letter from the New Interim Executive Director

Doyce Crandall, SPOA's Interim Executive Director

I am excited to be joining the School Photographers of America association as the Interim Executive Director!  I have had a great week in North Carolina with David transitioning the role of Executive Director to me and getting up to speed on all the exciting things coming your way!

I have spoken to many of our business partners and members and am happy to say we are on track for our initiatives and a successful 2024 SPOA Conference.  Expect an exciting announcement in the next two weeks regarding speakers for the conference in Vegas.  We have two At-Large Governing Board seats and one Executive Board seat open, and I will be reviewing the well qualified applicants in the next week to have ready for your vote in the days to come. 

I am happy to announce SPOA has secured a new partnership with a data service provider that will allow members to purchase up to date school data at a huge cost savings.  This is data that includes school names, addresses, principal names, emails, enrollment, and many other points of data that will save you a lot of time and money.  By being a member of SPOA, you will save 80% off of the list price.  In addition, don't forget other member benefits available to you —  Dale Carnagie professional development training, Checkr background check services, the Industry Report, and many other benefits.  Look for announcements in the coming months on health insurance plans that will give you a tremendous savings opportunity for you and your employees.  

As the Interim Executive Director, I promise to fight for our Mission to Educate, Advocate, Promote, Protect, and Preserve this wonderful industry, just as David has.  School Photography has been good to me over my 27 years taking school pictures.  My personal mission is to make sure we stay relevant and thrive for the next generations.

Hope to see you all in Vegas!

Doyce Crandall

Interim Executive Director

School Photographers of America Association

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