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Three SPOA Board Seats Open for Applications

There are currently three openings on SPOA's boards — two on the Governing Board and one on the Executive Board — and SPOA will be accepting applicants before holding a special election. Apply for one of our meaningful leadership roles in the school photography and yearbook industry!

How the Special Election Works

We will review all applications to ensure and verify active membership. Once verified, all applicable candidates will be posted for 20 days for all member companies for review. In addition, there will be a recorded webinar allowing each candidate 3 minutes to share why they feel they would be a great fit and why they want to serve. In early April the special election will take place allowing each member company to vote for their top two candidates. Those two members receiving the top votes will gain the vacant seats immediately.

Two At-Large Seats on the Governing Board

SPOA Governing Board at the 2023 Leadership Summit

Two at-large seats have opened on SPOA's Governing Board, allowing two new companies to be represented in the organization's directive body.


Candidates must come from an active "Company" membership or "yearbook company" membership.


The Governing Board shall serve as the governing body of the Association with full and complete authority, power, and discretion to manage and control the business, affairs, and properties of the Association, to make all decisions regarding those matters, and to perform any and all other acts or activities incident to the management of the Association. Each member of the Governing Board shall assist in the Association’s advocacy efforts by writing letters and emails, making telephone calls, and visiting local, state, and federal policymakers.

All interested parties should apply by Friday, March 15, at the link below:


Photography Chair on the Executive Board

SPOA Photography Committee at the 2023 SPOA Industry Awards Banquet

With Chris Garcia's election to vice president-elect, his former position as the Photography Chair is now open for candidates!


Candidates can be from a SPOA member company, business partner, industry supplier member, or education partner, or be a retired member.

  • Stay informed on the newest photography technologies and how they may aid or disrupt our industry.

  • Stay up-to-date on any laws or regulations which affect photographers.

  • Research any conferences in the visual imaging/computing sector which may benefit SPOA.

  • Head SPOA's Photography Committee, which includes overseeing SPOA's photography competitions. This includes setting up standards, arranging for judges, and participating in the annual awards ceremony.

All interested parties should apply at the link below:

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