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Advanced Photographic Solutions is SPOA Gold Sponsor

SPOA is proud to announce Advanced Photographic Solutions, better known to the industry as APS Lab, an SPOA Gold Sponsor. Located in Cleveland, Tenn., the lab has been primarily a photofinishing operation since the mid-1970s. Gene Harrell, the current president, has owned the business since 1993, according to Coby Lonas, executive vice president.

APS Lab has a 95,000 square foot facility, running about 20 silver-halide printers and three 20-inch printers that print up to 20 by 30 inches. The lab also has two HP Indigo 7900 digital presses. APS Lab has invested in new binding equipment, offering books in saddle-stitch and perfect-bound formats. The company has also expanded into gift items and dye sublimation, including personalized phone sockets.

The staff is about 175 people, with upwards of 200 during peak season.

For Lomas, the decision to get involved with SPOA at a high level was an easy one.

“The vision of SPOA is so important,” he said. “Communicating how essential school photography is to schools has come to light a lot lately (due to COVID). When schools are in session, photographers are the most important vendor they have. We have to make that known.”

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