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Fotomerchant is the newest SPOA strategic partner

School Photographers of America is excited to announce our newest Strategic Partnership with Fotomerchant! Fotomerchant will work with the association to develop marketing research tools to better understand the buying habits and preferences of our industry’s key customer: Mom.

Volume photography workflow provider Fotomerchant is based in Sydney, Australia and was established in September 2007. The company’s goal is to provide photographers with the tools they need to manage their photography business on the Internet.

The company does this by:

  • Providing intelligence in the areas of business and financial management,

  • Offering a range of tools to aid in sales, marketing and increased productivity,

  • Engaging with our customers, partners and industry practitioners to integrate best practice principles into a sustainable workflow, and by

  • Using our professional experiences in web production and internet marketing to aid our customers professional goals.

Recently, the company has expanded by purchasing SimplePhoto and Elementice and has an exclusive arrangement with 36Pix.

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