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Nominate an "Outstanding" School Principal - SPOA School Leadership Awards

School Photographers of America wants to celebrate National Principals Month next month by honoring the nation's top school principals for every day of the month of October.

If you work in a school, are a parent of a student, or are a school photography or yearbook company that works with an incredible school principal, then this is the place to share and celebrate them. We have created a simple form for you to nominate them and tell us why they should be recognized.

Each October, National Principals Month recognizes the essential role that principals play in making schools and education great.

School principals are among the hardest working, yet often least recognized, individuals in education. It is very common to see a school principal arrive at their building before the sun rises and go home well after sunset each and every day. Their commitment to their teachers, staff, students, and families is unbelievable. Help us celebrate their commitment and accomplishments by honoring them with an incredible shout out for their hard work, commitment, compassion, and verve each and every day.

To nominate a principal, please fill out the form below:

School Photographers of America is the national trade association for the school photography and yearbook industry. For more information please visit or contact the Executive Director, David Crandall at

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