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Preschool Market Outlook

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

The preschool photography volume has been dramatically slowed by the precautions and changes to the preschool industry related to the pandemic, but there is still a desire for services. Many schools postponed previously scheduled Fall photography dates until the Spring of 2021. Enrollment is down at most schools, and some smaller schools have ceased operation. Overall, Fall of 2020 resulted in many more rescheduled dates because of positive cases or close contact instances of parents and staff members.

In terms of accommodations, many schools chose to move to outside photography sessions due to local ordinances that restricted outside visitors or parents from entering the building. Extra cleaning between students was necessary, and props were eliminated from sessions to reduce the risk of transmission. Sales were restricted almost exclusively to online sales due to those same restrictions.

The encouraging news was that although overall volume was lower, the sales averages for students photographed were similar or better than pre-pandemic levels. Schools are anxious to get spring portraits taken but are waiting to see when they feel sessions can be conducted safely and when local ordinances will be lifted.

Keith Tippitt

Wonder Years Portraits

SPOA Preschool Committee Chair - Executive Board

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