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Have you ever wondered where school portraiture got its start?

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

You're not alone! Through our companies, many of us have bits and pieces of our industry's history but School Photographers of America wants to create something bigger!

SPOA, which replaced PSPA, who replaced AASP, is creating a comprehensive industry history, complete with each company's individual story, on a timeline. There will also be a Wikipedia page chronicling school photography and yearbooks. We need your help in compiling accurate information to ensure every company is included. David Crandall, SPOA executive director, has spent the past several weeks on the phone with various individuals recalling tales and digging up old PSPA (Professional School Photographers of America) and AASP (American Association of School Photographers) documents.

This will be the most robust directory of school picture and yearbook companies done in over 25 years. Make sure you register your company today!

Do you have any history to share with us or just want to make sure your company is included in our timeline? Please take this brief survey and help ensure your company isn't left out of commemorating the rich tradition of school photography and yearbooks. In addition, you can send any materials to be scanned and returned to you to the below address or you can bring them to our conference July 11 - 13! You can also email any documents to

US and Canada Company & History Registration: Click Here

Materials can be donated to School Photographers of America Historical Collection or we can scan and mail them back to you.

Please mail items to:

School Photographers of America

5509B W. Friendly Ave.

Suite 101

Greensboro, NC 27410


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