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Apple is promoting digital student IDs

Student IDs in Apple Wallet

Apple Inc. has started rolling out mobile student IDs on iPhone and Apple Watch. For the first time, mobile student IDs can be added to the Wallet app in Canada, starting with the University of New Brunswick and Sheridan College this year. In the United States, new schools to adopt mobile student IDs include Auburn University, Northern Arizona University, University of Maine, New Mexico State University, and many more colleges across the country, the company said.

This fall, the University of Alabama will be the first school to exclusively issue mobile student IDs to 38,000 students with eligible devices.

“The response from our campus community for the mobile ID has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Jeanine Brooks, the University of Alabama’s Action Card director. “Going contactless over the last year was an easy transition for us because of it. Using their UA ACT Card in Wallet has saved students — and the university — time and money.”

To enable student IDs on Wallet, Apple said it worked with campus credentialing and mobile access companies, including Transact, CBORD, TouchNet, Atrium, HID Global, and Allegion.

Waldo Photos partners with Gradelink

Waldo Photos, the Austin, Texas-based photo platform, announced a partnership with Gradelink, a leading student information system (SIS) platform. Gradelink is used by more than 2,000 private school administrators throughout the United States and allows for centralized communication of all necessary scholastic information, such as admission, tuition, and grades. The Waldo partnership includes AI-powered photo management, yearbook curation, and real-time, mobile photo delivery to families at Gradelink schools. Gradelink is a student information system designed with private K-12 education in mind. Key features include student enrollment management, attendance report generation, grade, and attendance tracking, and report card printing.

Tether Tools launches ONsite Relay Camera Power System

TetherTools launched the ONsite Relay Camera Power System, offering continuous power on-set or on-site to photographers and videographers. The power is drawn from a battery bank, d-tap battery, or wall outlet. The ONsite Relay Camera Power System utilizes the Tether Tools Relay Camera Coupler which is universally compatible with most proprietary Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Fuji, Blackmagic, and Olympus cameras, many Sony NP-F L-Series video monitors and lights and compatible with cameras and devices requiring up to 8V of power.

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