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New Guidelines and Standards for School Administrative Software

School Photographers of America and leaders from the school administrative software industry have worked to define a new set of standards and guidelines that will be placed in effect for the 2022-2023 academic school year for all U.S. schools.

These guidelines and standards help improve the safety of data transfer, all while providing a single industry-standard image export solution for all school administrative software and other organizational software companies to work with when requesting student images.

This is the first step by both industries to collaborate and to find solutions providing schools and districts with the most consistent and safe measures for handling student data and images, all while adhering to individual state and federal guidelines. In addition, the standards and guidelines provide clarity to the licensing and copyright protections of the respected photographers' images.


2022-2023 SPOA Digital Guidelines & Standards for School Software Licensing and Use v9
Download PDF • 382KB

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