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Sony updates Camera Remote SDK

Sony Electronics Inc. launched an updated version (version 1.06) of its Camera Remote Software Development Kit (SDK), adding compatibility with Cinema Line Cameras, the FX6, FX3, and FX30, and key functionality to support third parties in the development of bespoke applications utilizing the industry-leading performance of Sony cameras.

Version 1.06 of the free Camera Remote SDK offers new features that are particularly important in the areas of inspection, and multi-camera production. A newly added Drone GPS sync with location information transfer function enables linking GPS information to still images in real-time with high precision. This is done by sending “ImageID” from SDK.

New operational menu settings, including the Reset / Save Settings, provide smooth and efficient workflows, especially when multiple takes are needed in a row.

The new compatibility with FX6 offers basic control supported by Content Mobile Browser and allows for up to five units to be controlled in parallel.

The Camera Remote SDK can be used to control several cameras in the Sony camera range including newly added Cinema Line cameras, with the full list of compatible cameras available here.

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