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SPOA Vendor Spotlight: Tyndell Photographic

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Ben Tyndell, president, Tyndell Photographic

Tyndell Photographic is one the long-standing names in the professional photography industry, known as a reliable partner for folders, packaging, and display products. But in the past decade, the company has expanded its capabilities into manufacturing stock products and creating custom packaging for customers.

Tyndell Photographic was started in 1978 by celebrated wedding photographer Allen Tyndell. Looking for a way to diversify his income, he began reselling products, starting with Lacquer Mat products and TAP Packaging Solutions. Eventually, TAP offered to make a line of Tyndell-branded products. About 25 years later, Tyndell began doing light finishing work, basic die cutting, and foil stamping. Over the last 5-7 years, the Livonia, Mich.-based company began to accelerate the manufacturing side, adding considerable manufacturing equipment.

“We've really transformed into more of a full packaging company,” says Ben Tyndell, company president (and son of Allen). “We can now help customers from concept to design prototyping to finished goods.” Tyndell Photographic has also invested in acquisitions, including Lacquer Mat, DNL Photo Packaging, Michel Company and, most recently, the photo division of TAP Packaging Solutions. At the time of the acquisition, Tyndell was TAP’s largest dealer.

Tyndell says the acquisitions have given the company more depth and breadth in the photo category.

“Photo is where our core is, and that's where we still see a lot of growth and viability,” says Tyndell. “At Tyndell Photographic, one of our core driving principles is to be a one-stop shop for our customers. Instead of buying your USBs from here, your bags there, and your folders and boxes from another place, you can go to one place for everything. That’s the value add.”

Manufacturing capability

Adding manufacturing capability is a key growth driver for Tyndell Photographic.

“We used to have a company in Ohio make all of our boxes, and then we started realizing we could them ourselves,” says Tyndell. “We brought some equipment in and now have a significant rigid-box portion of our company. Boxes started off as a product we sold and turned into a product that we make. Now make 150 SKUs.”

As a new vendor to the SPOA membership, Tyndell says he thinks the company has a lot to offer volume photographers as they expand their businesses into graphics and other services for schools.

“As these businesses evolve and have needs for print delivery, for product delivery, and for custom branding, they will see Tyndell as a company they can rely on to consult with, brainstorm with, and add value to their process,” says Tyndell. “We work with a lot of companies that offer high-end brands. Their intention is never to go cheap. Their intention is to add value and they see packaging as part of that value-add process. It’s all part of the customer experience. The client doesn’t want to pay $60 and get a plastic bag for prints. For a little more cost, they can get prints delivered in a nice case for $75. In the end, the photographer still makes more money. They've added a little bit of cost, but they've added more money, and then the client has a better experience.

“We have a lot of wide breadth of products on our stock line and a lot of custom,” he adds. “We know this industry; this is where our roots are.”

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