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Yearbook guidelines and standards finalized at SPOA Conference

Greensboro, NC - The 2022-2023 SPOA Digital Guidelines and Standards for Yearbook for the usage and production of yearbooks for all U.S. schools was finalized and ratified Friday, June 10, at the International Conference on School Photography and Yearbooks in Houston, Texas. The event was hosted by the School Photographers of America (SPOA).

David Lake, the executive board chair of the Digital Guidelines and Standards committee, met with national companies to review edits to proposed guidelines and standards. The committee voted on those changes and unanimously ratified the resulting document.

Lake announced the next standards discussion will take place in December, during SPOA's in-person Leadership Summit, being held in Greenville, SC. The meeting will be held both virtually and in-person for those that can attend.

David Crandall, executive director, SPOA, announced he and Jake Mark of Dorian Studio, chair of the governing board and liaison to the secondary yearbook industry, will facilitate another secondary yearbook industry executive call in late July or August to discuss ways in which the school photography and yearbook industry can share best practices to keep both traditions strong for generations to come. The secondary yearbook industry is very different and more complex than the customary PK-8th grade markets, with the need for sports pictures, senior pictures, underclass pictures, club pictures, group pictures and more.

“SPOA is committed to advancing the conversation between school photographers, yearbook companies and software vendors to increase the market and the profitable of all,” says David Crandall, executive director, SPOA. “Keeping the yearbook tradition alive and well is a core focus of our industry association.”

ABOUT SPOA School Photographers of America (SPOA) was formed in 2020 on behalf of school portrait studios to advocate for and to protect their copyrights, as well as establish and govern healthy standards and best practices for the school photography industry. This will ensure school photography remains a rich tradition in schools across North America.

To learn more about SPOA, visit or email David Crandall at

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